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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

* Have a Cow, Woman. Really!

Kate with loads of bottles and cans

After Julie's success with a friend, I decided to tell a few friends about my "project". Some were bemused. And some were excited. My friend Kate immediately quipped "have a cow, women, really!" and said she would check with her husband, Murray, about donating their containers towards the "cow". I joking said that I took jars of pennies too.

I can recall my mom having jars of pennies on a high shelf in the back of a closet. Once in a blue moon, we would bring it down and count it. It was like secret treasure.

I wasn't sure that anyone else had this tradition but it turns out Kate and Murray did. They usually gifted their penny collection each spring to charity but hadn't yet.

penny jar

Kate and Murray gave my whole project an enormous boost -- enough for one leg of a cow almost provided the cow was a mutant (had six legs). That penny jar had lots of silver and gold in it as well as copper pennies.

It was so wonderful to have a friend who thought thought this wacky idea of mine was fun and worthwhile. Thanks Kate - you're the best.

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