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Thursday, April 24, 2008

* Jumping over the Moon on April 8

This is one of the catchup posts that I promised.

Leslie holding bag of recycling containers

Leslie with her bag of "cow" gold.

My "cow project" took a big leap forward when I told the cow story to Leslie at Saskatoon Family Services and asked her for cans/bottle. I loved her response to my "give a cow" story. She burst out laughing as I talked about the cow and said, "Come on." She took me by the arm to the coffee room and handed me a bag stuffed full of recycling. She then dashed out to lunch with colleagues and was telling them about the "cow" project.

Leslie said that she'd also check to see if the staff be willing to collect on an ongoing basis.

When you have 3,000 cans to collect, getting a big bag all at once is wonderful.
Thanks to everyone at Family Services Saskatoon and to Leslie!

One neat thing about this project is finding out that lots of workplaces recycle.

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