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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

* Starting to Float Away - The End is in Sight

Photo: She Handles Like a Cow

Kaptain Krispy Kreme via flickr
(Creative Commons license)

This morning I opened my mail to find another donation - this time from Celeste Delahey. Our sons have been on the same soccer team forever it seems and I sent her a link to this blog and hoped she'd have a good chuckle. Thanks so much for donating.

I can almost believe that I'll make it by May 3.

The good news continued today. After school, when Julie arrived home, she shouted - "Mom, come here". A secret "Give a Cow" supportor left some cans and bottles on my front step to the tune of $7.90. Wooo!

This brings the grand total collected to $272.78

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