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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

* Why Giving Small?

"Giving Small" is the story of how I started to focus more time and attention on "gifting" in my day to day life. You might be thinking why not "Give Big"? Yep, I'm a fan of the show. But it can be intimidating to think that you need to "give big" to give. I think like anything you start off small, learn and then maybe you can figure out how to give big.

This blog is intended to document by journey into "gifting" and exploring small ways we can give gifts to others whether it's close to home or around the world, whether it's time or ideas or money or cows or chickens.

Dairy Cow

Drawing by Julie, age 6

The Start

One day in March, when I was slowly recovering from being ill, I wanted to try to do something small to try to make the world a bit better. What could I do to make a difference? While walking my dog, Maggie, I stumbled upon a way to give to my own neighborhood and to a family in Africa.

During my walk, I noticed recyclable containers littering the street and parks in my neighborhood. I started picking them up to make things look better and also to save these containers from landfill. Yep, I'm big on recycling. In my province, there's a refundable deposit on drink containers (10 to 20 cents). Each day, I would find about a dollars worth of cans and bottles.

After a couple of days, I had an ah-ha moment. $1.00 is BIG in some parts of the world. About a $1.00/day is enough to sponsor a foster child. My family already sponsors one child in Brazil and it makes a profound difference to the child, their family and community.

I was struck (and dismayed) by the fact that everyday I could easily find enough to support a child from the trash that was thrown away.

So little could do so much.

So I discussed my idea of starting some sort of personal giving project with my family. They offered advice and suggested that I pick something to fundraise for that was finite, not an ongoing commitment. I remembered that the foster children plan also had the option to buy a dairy cow for a family in Rawanda or Ghana. I grew up on a mixed farm and know how much having a cow can mean to the health and livelihood of family.

The "give a cow" campaign was underway as of March 20, 2008.

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At June 19, 2008 11:10 PM , Blogger Fichter said...

Wow, it's June 20 and three months have gone by since I started. We have collected enough bottles and cans and donations to send two dairy cows to Zambia or Ghana to provide a livelihood for a family.

To follow the story, it's best to read in reverse chronological order by click on April on the left hand menu, scroll to the bottom and read up, post by post. Repeat for May and June or just jump to the latest to see what's up as we embark on the first local fundraising endeavour.


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