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Sunday, April 6, 2008

* Time for a Little Help from My Friends

300 Days = 1 Dairy Cow

Julie and Kyle with bottles and cans

If I collected a $1/day then it would be $300 days until I could buy the cow. I could do the math and the project sounded easy and hard at the same time. I was worried about sustaining my motivation over such a long period of time. I wondered if I should have picked a more modest goal.

I started reading a couple of other personal giving blogs and was blown away by what they had done and how organized and smart they were. There was Nancy who was doing so much for Kiva (I love Kiva and micro-giving and already loan $$ to a few projects. Tip - It makes a great gift certificate for a friend.) I found Roger Carr's Everyday Giving Blog and Beth Kantor's wiki and slideshow on The Secrets of Personal Fundraisng.

There was so much to learn.

I started to think about sharing what I was doing with a few friends. I had a bit of trepidation. Would they think I was odd? I felt excited about how much I could collect and "having a cow" was a fun and worthwhile project.

I broke the ice with my daughter's friend. I often chauffeur them about and I'd see a bottle or can on the road, pull over and ask someone to hop out and collect it. They were willing to help and I started relating my "have a cow" story.

To my surprise, my daughter Julie starting asking her friends if they would collect for me. She asked Kyle first. Kyle's family recycle their bottles and cans but didn't not return them to depot for dollars. They were happy to contributed their containers towards "the cow".

Suddenly, with helping hands, the project seemed like it would be doable.

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