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Monday, May 5, 2008

* Cow Winging Its Way to Ghana or Zambia

Flying Cow

The cow has been purchased from Plan Canada!

Cow from Plan Canada

A Bit More About How Giving Live Animals Works

"The animals are being provided as part of a larger project that aims to reduce poverty through livestock productivity. When you purchase an animal through Gifts of Hope, the funds are channeled to this livestock program. The $300 for a cow, for example, boosts the budget of that program enough to provide one more cow for one more family.

This program goes beyond the simple provision of animals to families identified as being in need and also includes training, construction of animal shelters and access to veterinary supplies and drugs:

  • Plan is working in cooperation with local partners, such as government agricultural departments and local service providers in the area of livestock production and health. The families who receive a cow undergo training in livestock management, production and health as a pre-condition to receiving the animal.
  • As part of the project, community members are expected to contribute labour and local materials to construct appropriate housing structures for the animals.
  • A central community committee of trained livestock volunteers will have a drug kit and other supplies to support the families involved in this project." (Plan Canada FAQ)

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