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Sunday, May 4, 2008

* Here a Cow, There a Cow

Now, what based on photo of a toy cow by Alicia Marie Photografy

Alicia Marie Photografy via Flickr
Creative Commons license

A Look at the Numbers

Frank Cervone from Chicago has bought a dozen lattes for the cow ($40), mootastic! So that definitely has jumped me into the next "giving" project.

As of Saturday May 3, I have collected:

Money Raised from recycling Bottles, Cans etc. $212.42

More Cow Contributions are in the Works

Suzanne Bell is collecting bottles at her Library in Rochester, New York. And there are more contributors in the wings.

Cheryl Avery is writing a little article in the community newsletter so all my neighborhoods will find out about the cow project and my efforts to tidy up the neighborhood as I pick up the cans, bottles, etc.

Tell Me What You Think

Do you think I can do another cow in six weeks? So I'm thinking we should get a second cow. But what do you think?

When I asked Tim, my archivist buddy, he quipped, "A large screen TV". Not likely. :-)

Here are some options. If you have another idea, suggest away - leave a comment or email me.

Other Ideas

Vote for the project you think I should work on next.

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