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Sunday, May 18, 2008

* How Much of the Cow Have We Raised?

1/3 cow

On May 5, I purchased the first cow and started the 2nd campaign. I'd like to finish this project in 5 weeks -- by June 12, 2008. That's $50 per week and 600 bottles and cans. We're definitely on track to reach this goal when you look at the numbers below.

Since May 5 we've raised $105.69 including the carry over $$ which gave us a big boost. There's another donation in the mail from far away en route so I'll post about that when it arrives.

So where did $150.69 come from?

Well from all of us working together. There's no way I found 770 containers or drank that much either in 2 weeks. There were $28.25 in cash contributions and $77.00 in bottles, cans, juice cartons and jugs. The landfill folks must be happy. I know that I have saved a lot of these items from the landfill by picking them up.

To reach $300 for a 2nd cow, so we need to find another 1943 more bottles and cans and probably a few more families or workplaces collecting. :-) If you know anyone who get a chuckle out of this story and project, please pass it along and send them the link to the blog. I'm happy to pick up containers anywhere in the city.

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