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Friday, May 30, 2008

* I Wonder What Cows Sing When They Have the Blues?

Willie NelsonI just be they listen to Willie Nelson's Milk Cow Blues.

Now you got to treat me right baby,
day by day -(Listen to Sample)

I have a wonderful photo of Fred from Rochester, NY who helped Suzanne Bell who works at Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester. Unfortunately these pictures are on my near-dead laptop so I'll post the later.

Suzanne received the message about the wacky cow project and was inspired to help out. She stumbled on pure gold when she talked to Fred, the janitor in the library who helped her and suddenly she had almost $20.00 worth of bottles. Suzanne's efforts to help me involved a few adventures. She was keen to drop these bottles off - feeding them one by one into a machine at the supermarket -- but her Volkswagon had other ideas and conked out. So her car and bottles headed off to the garage for a few days.

Hopefully my laptop will be able to be repaired as easily as the Suzanne's car.

Thanks FRED and SUZANNE!! You're both wonderful for helping with the "give a cow" project. Your contribution puts us at $144.25 - half a cow. Moo! Moo! Moo!

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