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Sunday, May 18, 2008

* More Than a Little Help From Friends

Zac with bottle under paw

It was time for another brunch with the gals and update on the cow saga. At the brunch, Kate, the donor of pennies and many bottles from the Kate & Murray household, pulled out an unexpected gift - a cow statue. This is a heavy duty item and we think it's probably 1/2 a set of book ends.

Edna, her daughter Lauren, and Criss generously donated to the cow fund. There combined gift is $23.50 - that's about 100 lbs of cow on the hoof. I'd say that paid of for the head and tail.

More and more people are helping out with the cow. I popped over to Deborah Lee's house and picked up some bottles. Julie's friends, Nathan, Kyle and Alden, have been great and contributed bottles several times.

I surprised my chiropractor by asking for more bottles. He said, "I thought you got the cow." So there I was explaining that I did, but there a second cow project. :-) So thanks to Dr. Simpson again - he came through with another bag of bottles.

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