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Friday, May 16, 2008

* Zac - The Newest Member of Bottle Collecting Team

Zac, a energetic Jack Russell terrier, definitely likes to play and has decided that this apple juice bottle is too good to give up for the cow (yet). Fortunately he's not so attached to glass and aluminum.

Trying to get a picture of this fellow was like trying to hold onto a wet eel. He's constantly in motion or a foot away inviting me to play with him and his bottle.

Zac with bottle under paw

Paul and Vicki, the owners of this playful pooch, are the latest household collecting bottles and cans and pennies (rolled even) for the dairy cow. I loaded up my trunk and zipped off to SARCAN with the goodies.

Vicki has a talent for spotting money. Just as I was telling her about my cow she spotted a loonie an dime on the street which I scooped up for the cow fund. Paul also assures me has the same talent and the best places to look are outside pubs.

It's moo-valous to see Paul at home again. I'm definitely hope he recovers speedily and starts visiting pubs, finding money, and drinking beer ... out of cans, of course. :-)

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