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Friday, June 20, 2008

* Advertising and Cows -- How Could I Forget "Skinny Cow"?

Persuasion: Print Advertising and Advocacy on the Prairies

Persuasion: Print Advertising and Advocacy on the Prairies site launch was on Thursday afternoon at the Snelgrove Gallery. The launch included a fun quiz about advertising directed at three panelists. In spite of my lack of awareness of pop culture and advertising I was included on the panel. I really feel that I let cows down when we were asked what product has an animal mascot and I didn't recall Skinny Cow ice cream bars.

Skinny Cow

Neil Richards went to a lot of effort provide background and context and show the contributions to advertising and the role of advertising on the prairies. Craig Harkema worked with Neil to provide ways to explore and discover materials on the site.

The Persuasion project team decided that the Perrier and coke bottles from the launch would be contributed to the cow project. Thanks Tim, Cheryl, Neil, Connie and Craig.

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