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Friday, June 20, 2008

* Bottles, Cans and Found Money - June 20

loonie coin

Photo via Flickr - (cc) Rising Loonie by jaypeg21.

It's been a whirlwind of family, work and cow fundraising. This is the first in a series of catch up posts about my cow fun - raising adventures.

Paul Starr has been telling me to look for money on the ground ... look down he says. His lucky streak with finding money started as a young child with a trip to the seashore when we found a hefty sum in the sand. Paul's incredibly lucky at finding money. Me, I'm happy if I spot a penny. I seem to spot bottles and cans so I told Paul that any money that he finds, goes to the cow and I'd stick to bottles - seems like a good deal to me! :-)

Vicki also has a knack for finding money. Sure enough, while walking Zac Vicki found 8 loonies on the ground. That's right 8!

When she told me the story, I immediately exclaimed - "it's for the cow, right"? :-) It's "found money". Vicki turned over the gold coins and the cow campaign just got a boost. That's like 80 bottles in one fell swoop.

Have you found any money lately -- pop it in the mail to me for the cow!! Earn karma and cow points.

Thanks Vicki - I hope this $8 attracts even more $$$.

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