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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

* From Rochester to Saskatoon - 3,078 Kilometres to Help Give a Cow

Fred and Suzanne have beat out Jeff Wisniewski from Pittsburgh by 227 kilometres to be the farthest point away from Saskatoon helping Give a Cow.

Fred - the hero

Thanks to Fred and Suzanne for helping to "give a cow". Suzanne describes her adventures into the world of bottle diving as follows:

omg! :) I came in armed wi/ a big bag this morning, ready to dumpster-dive - (and I did some of that) - but I ran into my favorite sanitary engineer guy in the library, and told him what I was up to. Next thing I know, I'm passing him and he says "there's a couple over there... and I left a couple in your office" - and what's in my office is a giant bag, filled to the brim with returnables!!!!
(ps. who needs a whole library when you have Fred-the-Amazing?)

LOL at Suzanne's post - it takes more guts than you think to walk around scooping up bottles and cans.

I asked Suzanne, after the fact, for a photo of her car stuffed to the gills with bottles.

Here's what she wrote:
And I *wish* I had a picture of my car - which is just a tiny VW Golf - with the original bags'o'bottles - they overwhelmed it! Had to put the bigger bag in the back seat, and even then it was a tight squeeze. Dang. I never think (until afterwards) of capturing these things for posterity! I'll ponder it, maybe I can come up with something to represent the situation. ;)

So you'll have to use your imagination .. just steer your mind in the right direction and you can visualize this tiny car full of bottles.

Suzanne with VW Golf

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At June 4, 2008 4:23 AM , Blogger EH said...

Hi Darlene!

This weekend will be "make a cow" weekend for me--I cannot promise a BIG cow, but maybe I can raise enough money for a nostril!

I do have to be mindful of territory here, though. There are too many people in the city who rely on toss-away bottles and cans for their meagre incomes and they all have their set routes.

Ironic, but rest assured that my contribution of a cow's nostril will not deprive anyone of a good meal!




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