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Monday, June 16, 2008

* Help from the East Coast of Canada

My friend Elizabeth rallied her troops in Fredriction, NB and they collected $21.50 in cans and bottles. Their contribution of $21.50 represents 410 pop cans/bottles, 10 liquor bottles, and 1 beer bottle. Elizabeth hastened to add that "This is **not** representative of my weekend consumption!"

Fredriction Recycling Depot

7:45 a.m. on Wednesday morning in downtown Fredericton...the shopping carts are from the walking contributors to recycling. As there is only one processing line, they line up in the queue with the cars.

Elizabeth's contribution arrived just in nick of time with the 5 week deadline looming over my shoulder.

She left a comment on the previous blog post saying:

The cheque for one (or possibly two) cow nostril(s) is in the mail!

And yes Elizabeth, I'm sure we can get a cow with two ears, two nostrils and a tail now thanks to your team of helpers.

In fact your donation coupled with the loads of help from second and third time supporters like ITS, Paul, Vicki and Zac, my chiropractor, Sarah, a fellow freecycler (full circles Saskatoon), and the guys at the Minilube.

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