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Saturday, June 21, 2008

* Love that Money in the Mail - Moovalous!!

cash cow

Cliff Dix Jr's photo via Flickr
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3rd week of June

I don't usually get a happy feeling opening inter-office print mail. Most of it is flyers or newsletters. Anyone else notice that inter-office mail can just sit there these days -- quite a change from 10 years ago.

But one thing that does still arrive in the mail is money. I had a wonderful surprising week - a check arrived for best article in journal for the article Elise and I wrote - this totally floored me. I'll need to give some of this unexpected prize money to the cow.

But even better, there was a note from Frank (who has been known to wear a stylish cow scarf) and Diane with $7.00 from their latest recycling returns. Don't know why money in the mail feels so great - maybe it's because the other thing that frequently comes in the mail is bills.

Mooing all the way to the barn (bank)!

Thanks Frank and Diane.

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