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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

* Two Timing Welcomed Here

Mel in a Bowl

Yawn! Cows again. Now if we were talking about milk, fish heads and cream, I'd be excited.
Photo by Kate Hodgson

This past couple of weeks I have had many first time supporters of the cow project chip in with more recyclables: Vicki and Paul, Kate and Murray and her cat in the bowl above, Winnie and Rob, Tim, Cheryl, Kulwant, the folks in the Dean's Office, and ITS.

Cheryl and Tim Modeling Cow Accessories

Cheryl and Tim modeling stylish cow accessories.

Note the shameless self promotion of these archivists, standing in front of the "Archives are Virtually Everywhere" poster.

(You really know who your friends are when they're willing to help you with your "cow" project, dress up in goofy gear, and pose for a picture on a blog. Sure hope we're still friends tomorrow.)

Thanks so much to all the Second-Timers! We are definitely nearing the end of the second cow and we all know what that means.

Please Note Prospective Cow Supporters

A a photo of you is *not* required
. Don't be frightened away and not contribute to the project. It's great to have or a photo of something - your dog, cat, car, favourite book to help liven up the blog when possible.

Of course a song, poetry reading, dance would be lovely.

As I made my rounds today, collecting bottles, my hopes were raised today and dashed quickly. I realized that one of my donors could sing. I was puzzling what songs are about cows, when the person in question pointed out the Arrogant Worms song: "I am cow, here me moo." Stay tuned - who knows what moosic you might hear here.

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