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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

* An Udderly Terrific Neighbor

I have to say I was feeling a bit discouraged. I was 3 weeks into the project and had just passed the $120 mark. How in the world cud I reach $300 in two more weeks?

In this case, Cheryl's article in the Buena Vista Newsletter paid off BIG and I mean BIGGER than you could imagine. Jim, from Nutana, technically outside of the BV area received the newsletter and dropped me a note that he had some bottles and cans that he had saved up over the winter for sports team, but no one came.

I offered to pick or he could drop off.

Six bags of bottles

I have to say it felt like Christmas when I saw Jim start to unload bag after bag of bottles. Jim had been collecting for 2 years!!! This was like hitting the jackpot or for a cow falling into a field of clover.

Jim and Darlene and bags of bottles

After Jim had finished the first load, we chatted a bit and he was a bit concerned maybe there were too many - should he take some back? I explained how only at $120 and given his help I might just make $300 in 5 weeks. At that point Jim piped up, that he had more and said he'd do a second run. My eyes lit up and the cow started to take shape before my very eyes! Jim and Pam donated 9 large bags of bottles to the "Give a Cow".

Thanks Jim and Pam -- you are the big moo-ers this time round. You're both udderly terrific and have paid for a head, tail, one leg and the udder, of course and some family's livelihood and life is going to be transformed by this gift.

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