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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

* From FullCirclesSaskatoon to Trois Pistoles, PQ to Solar Powered Cows

Cartoon of a cow wearing solar panels and the tagline - solar powered cow by The StiK

Cartoon by The StiK

Two days ago I had an incoming call on Skype (Internet phone client that is wonderful, and free too, for calls between computers) from my daughter Julie who is studying French immersion in Trois Pistoles, Quebec. She was bubbling with excitement and said, "Mom did you see it? They have bottles on FullCirclesSaskatoon - someone is giving them away". Sure enough there was a post from Kristine asking for someone to take away the bottles due to the fact she didn't have time to recycle them.

Wow, I dashed off an email and hoped Kristine like cows. She picked the cow to get 1/2 of her bottles. Moo hoo!! Thanks Kristine.

Kristine and I had never met - she just posted something to the FullCirclesSaskatoon group, sifted through the replies and picked the "cow" to get some of her bottles.

What is FullCirclesSaskatoon? (former group name is FreeCycle Saskatoon

The concept is simple: Keep stuff out of the garbage/landfill.

You don't need it, don't throw it out ~ post it up and gift it to someone. All items have to be FREE! No sales or trades please. Only Freebies!!

This group is open to those living in the Saskatoon area in Saskatchewan, Canada.

You will need a Yahoo account and then click to join the group and send a brief message. It's a great place to give and get stuff: everything from coupons and books, to clothes and xmas ornaments, to bookcases, fridges, stoves, and cars (yep cars, but rarely).

And where does the solar powered cow fit in you might wonder?

I asked Kristine for a funny photo, pic or story re: cows and she sent me this cartoon drawn by The StiK, aka Bill Greenhead, an amazing fun and creative cartooonist who thinks cows are funny animals so has created a ton of cow cartoons. So I looked up World of Cow and discovered 100's of cow cartoons and very funny Bill. I wrote Bill for permission to post and he's given me permission to use his cartoons on the blog. Thanks Bill - you're moor-ific!

If you loved the movie, Wall.E, you need to see his latest cartoon. You can order his 2009 calendar - The World of Cow at or one of his World of Cow books filled with cow jokes: volume 1 or volume 2. These would make a great gift.

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