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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

* Good Things Come in Threes -- 3 New Donors & the Third Cow

We did it again - we have enough for a third cow! Wonder if cows can do a happy dance?

3 Cows

I've been mentioning Felix and Carol in the last few blog posts. Not only has Carol kept asking me to tell the cow project story to others (which meant more bottles and cans for the cow) but she said that Felix and her wanted to help with the cow and how much more did I need for cow #3? Wow! I knew that I was close to the third cow. Carol handed me $40 and asked if that was enough? I was pretty sure that it was.

I just needed to get out my trusty cowculator (actually a Google spreadsheet). Sure enough, we are at $316.95. We can buy the third cow!

Wonderful things come in three's - three wonderful donations via Felix and Carol that helped moo-ve us along to buy cow #3.

What do we know about the family who gets the cow?

Many people have asked do I know what family or which country. Sorry to say I don't receive any info about the specific family or the specific village. I think maybe they don't do this so they can keep overhead costs down. Here's the details about the program.

You can see the care and thought in this program. Several families in a village receive a cow, training in how to care for and veterinary medicine kit.

Maybe if we give enough cows to help a village, we'll be able to get some info. I wonder how many more cows that might be?

Stay tuned for cow donation stories and the chance to vote for a local cause.

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