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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* A Second Cow is Off to Africa Thanks to You!

We did it again. Cow #2 is winging its way to Africa.

2 Cows Facing each Other

I never thought when I embarked on this cow idea that I'd end up sending two cows to families in Africa by the end of June. Of course I hoped I could send one cow to a family and I occasionally would dream about it really working and maybe sending more than one. And now we've managed to send 2 cows in just 3 months. Who would have thought this could happen?

I also never thought it would be this much fun or that so many people would help. Nor did I realize along with all the risks I would take sharing this idea, that there would be so many laughs too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing in this project and making it happen.

Here's the link to the card thanking us all for the gift (PDF) of a "livelihood for family" in Zambia or Ghana.

Many people have asked do I know what family or which country. Sorry to say I don't receive any info about the family or the village. I think maybe they don't do this so they can keep overhead costs down. Here's the details about the program.

receipt of cow donation

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