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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

* Moo-valous New Donors: Hari and Crystal

head of a cow

-darin- via Flickr Creative Commons license

I often hesitate to talk about the cow project with people I've only met once or twice before. What will they think? So there I was at a barbecue when my friends Felix and Carol asked me to share the story of the cow project to Hari and Crystal.

Hari and Crystal were intrigued by the story (turns out they're very active in the community and are giving their time and talents in many ways). They offered up their collection of bottles and cans, and what a collection it was. It seems that this household does things on a super size scale from bottles and cans to their beautiful and gentle Perenese dog named Caline. As we left the barbecue we followed them home.

Hari had so many bottles saved up that they wouldn't fit in our car. So we loaded up his vehicle and he followed us home. Hari and Crystal were particularly interested in supporting the cow project and I think with their help we have purchased the head, some horns, front legs and maybe a few eyelashes.

Thanks Hari and Crystal - you're moo-valous. We're very close to giving another cow to family who can have a livelihood and support for their family.

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