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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

* Moouch Ado About Something: More Wine Bottles for the Cow

Lorraine unloading bottles from the trunk of her car

Yes we did go to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan and had a wonderful time and of course it spawned a new pun. Of course all new supporters are really something!!!! Moor-ific in fact.

This past two weeks has been an exciting time. I have been talking more about the cow project and a "local" project and we're gaining more cow supporters.

Tim Hutchinson, the ever helpful archivist and his wife, Lorraine Salt have passed on a collection of wine bottles, some beer and other odds and sods. Lorraine explained that they didn't have many wine bottles but there were some from their wedding.

Thanks Tim and Lorraine -- and in the spirit of buttering you up to keep you donating (and maybe inspiring others to donate) I'll have to find a way to thank you beyond giving you some of Earl's cheescake. :-) I've heard a rumour that there's some chocolate fans over there.

Are you planning a party? Serving lots of drinks? Think "Give a Cow".

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