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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* My Cow-andry: Can Cows Walk Downstairs?

To do cow #3 or not to do cow #3? Give globally or locally?

If this sounds all to familiar, some Deja Moo perhaps - yep we've had this discussion before.

I had just received the biggest donation ever from Liam who passionately wanted to give it to the cow. But I also had been talking with everyone about ideas for a "local give" campaign.

So on the one hand, there was Liam and his big gift and the people who just like giving cows (like me) and far away friends and supporters that probably aren't that interested in local Saskatoon stuff. On the other hand there were some friends and supporters keen to "go local".

What was I to do? (said in a high pitched squeaky voice).

I was udderly perplexed. Probably how a cow feels the first time they have to go downstairs. Who knows? And no, I don't know if cows can do stairs (or borrow the book by that title to find out the answer). If you do know the answer-- leave a comment.

Then, I had an ah-ha moment. Why not do both? We could continue to milk the cow and also offer a local choice.

So you get to choose where to direct your bottles/donations to during the next round.

Stay tuned for next post with the call for input on "giving local".

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