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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

* Simply Bovine - Jessica Gives Her Bottle Collection

collection of empty Jones bottles

Something about the cow project works for older teens. They relate to cleaning up the environment and helping others and often become dedicated bottle/can donors.

I had dropped in for coffee with Carol and she asked me to tell Jessica, Adrienne and friends about the "cow project". As soon as I finished the story and showed the blog and its photos, Jessica asked, "Do you want my Jones' bottles? They're in my room." I said "sure, that's be great" thinking that maybe she had 4 or 5 in her room. Little did I realize that she was collecting them for a long time. 42+ bottles later, the table was covered. The lids had to come off - each has a fortune under them, hence the need to collect.

bottle caps

Thanks Jessica! This is an awesome contribution - $8.40 cents buys a lot parts of the milk and cheese producer. You're moo-rific!

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