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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

* Sometimes the Biggest Givers Comes in the Smallest Packages


Here's the donation that helped us reach the 2nd cow and it was a truly a remarkable one.

A few weeks before I received this donation, Pat Moore had told me that Liam, who just finished Grade 1, was interested in the cow project. Liam was captivated with the idea of giving a family a cow. Pat said Liam wanted to contribute some of his allowance. I was touched and delighted ... and thought maybe it would be a loonie or toonie.

I'm simply going to transcribe the note that his mom, Pat Moore, gave to me that came with the envelope of money.

Hi Darlene

Here is Liam's contribution & a matching grant from his parents.

Liam puts 1/3 of his earnings & allowance into his charity fund.

He earns money by doing extra chores, etc. When he helps gather sort ad bag the recyclables he gets half of the refund money.

Last year his major contribution was to the Terry Fox Run. This time he wants to give a cow. He was really taken with idea of helping a family -- the cow appealed to the concrete mind of a six year old.

We always try to match his funds.

So hope this move you along the cow path.


cow walking down road

Photo by polifemus (out of order) via Flickr
Creative Commons license

Inside the envelope was $56.50 in bills and coins and check for $56.50 for a grand total of $113.00.

I'd say we're down the path and over the hill and then some. Liam, you and your parents, have raised enough funds to buy a family a calf all by yourselves. You're amazing!

Thanks Liam and Pat and Owen ... this has not only moved us down the cow path - we now have cow #2 and big boost to cow #3.

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