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Thursday, July 24, 2008

* Stand out from the Herd and Vote

Cartoon by The StiK about a cow puzzle

Cartoon by The StiK

Okay I have collected ideas and suggestions and it's time to vote for what cause to help out locally.

Right now in the cow coffers we have $38.06 towards Cow #4 and $27.10 towards "Local".

Help Name Cow #4

I wasn't flooded with lots of mail on naming the cow so I've but a few names together to spark your cow imagination.

Advice Wanted from Social Networking Friends

I have kept a low profile about the "cow" project on Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed etc. Should I go public with it and add the cow blog entries to "posts" on these sites? Up side - may get more donations. Earl is thinking of writing a "give a cow" app for Facebook. Downside - well people may know just how wacky I am. Do I open my cow kimono and expose all?

Please leave a comment or a cow pun. Special prize for the best comment, quote, quip or joke or piece of advice on "cow" giving. Be Cow-reative.

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