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Saturday, August 16, 2008

* Blowing on Both Horns

Highland cow near Niagara Ontario
Photo a Highland Cow, a heritage breed from southern Ontario. By Cathy Holtslander

So many folks to thank - good thing we have two horns to toot about it! We almost have Clarabelle (Cow #4) paid for. Moo hoo!

First the photo above is from Cathy Holtslander who is helping out with the cow. Kyle is drinking beer for the cause. Thanks Kyle.

Cathy also sent me another photo of a cow. Unlike most folks who don't have many pictures of cows, Cathy's interest in organic farming has given her unique opportunities to appreciate bovines.

Cow with cactus -- Baja California Mexico
Cathy took this cow picture in the Baja in Mexico where it's so dry cactus will grown on cows. Now that's dry and one tough cow.

Vicki and Paul and Zac

These are dedicated cow supporters -- more rolls of pennies and more recycling containers. About every couple of weeks the cow gets a boost from these folks and Zac gets a treat and some play time.

The Archives and Special Collections Folks

When I was round to drop off pies, I picked up a huge bag of recycling goodies. These guys are super.

Chris and Sue

Thanks to my neighbors Chris and Sue for dropping off another bag of cans for the cow.


Marie is a great neighbor and friend. She's been supportive of my cow project from the get-go. Not only does she love outrageously priced cow pies but she's started to spot bottle/can stashes in odd corners of the neighborhood and tells me about them. Off I go with Maggie and collect more goodies for the cow.

Lorraine and Tim

Somehow they seem to be attracting recycling containers since they met me. Note: This is not a virus. It's more that your eyes are opened. Plus given their location, near the bars on Broadway, they receive unsolicited donations on their front lawn from time to time.

FullCircleSaskatoon Members Come Through

Vonni, Kristine, Chelsea and Barb - thanks for the emails of support and bottles. What's so neat is that before I can reply now, someone often tells the person posting about "Don't Have a Cow, Give a Cow Instead".

Frank and Diane Winter Help Out Station 20 West

Just love that money in the mail. Thanks Frank and Diane.

Kate and Murray

Wow - more bottles and cans plus Murray posted a little graphic on his blog, Silent Servants... life from the point of view of a secular Franciscan, that links to Giving Small with a cow pic of course. I feel the blog is becoming real - like the Velveteen Rabbit (love the cover pics and illustrations, and the story).

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