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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

* Double Your Donation - Support Station 20 West

Diagram of Station 20 West

So this is our first attempt at trying out fundraising for a local cause in addition to "Give a Cow". You choose which you'd like to support.

Station 20 West had the most votes out of the list of local causes, so we have a month to collect and contribute lots of bottles and cans. Station 20 West can go ahead if they receive our help and help from other community members. Station 20 West has raised $325,000 and hopes to raise 1.6 million more by December 2008. Station 20 West is going ahead and things are scaled back a bit.

How does the Double Match Work?

Double match for Station 20 West

An anonymous donor as well as Tim Hutchinson and Lorraine Salt will match your donation / recycling containers contributions. Tim and Lorraine will match up to $300 raised. The anonymous donor will match up to $1000.

So that means for the first $300 we raise an additional $600 will be donated as well. If we raise more than $300 dollars, it will be matched dollar for dollar up to $1000.

The match deadline is September 21, 2008.

Let's see what we can raise. Direct donations to Station 20 or contributions of cans/bottles will be counted.

So far, since the survey we have raised $137.70

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