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Monday, August 18, 2008

* Got Stuff to Get Rid Of? We Have a Virtual Cash Cow Idea

Got stuff you'd like to get rid of?
Think of donating the stuff (along with bottles and cans) to the Virtual Cow Garage Sale so we can have more cash for cows.

Retro End Table
SOLD - Retro End Table

New ideas often pop up by remixing old ideas. So here's how I fell into a new way to raise some money for Clarabelle taking inspiration from Street Cat Garage Sale items, FullCirclesSaskatoon, end tables, and walking Maggie.

Don't worry I still want your recycling containers. I'm just taking recycling a couple of steps further.

My neighbor, Urve, has been hosting the Street Cat Garage Sale for years. I am a customer and donor of stuff. Sometimes after the sale is over people still drop off more stuff. I suggested that we could post some stuff filling up her garage on Kijiji, a free classified ad site for Saskatoon. So I took photos and Urve handed the sales and it worked.

I also participate in a group that keeps stuff that other people can use out of the landfill called FullCirclesSaskatoon. If you have something to give you post it as an offer or if you want something, you post a Wanted notice. Here's how they describe the group which is open to anyone:

The concept is simple:

You don't need it, don't throw it out ~
post it up and gift it to someone.

All items have to be FREE!

So I started giving lots of stuff away for myself and then for friends and neighbors. I also started receiving stuff like jigsaw puzzles, books, etc.

And of course I love to my walk my dog. One day I spotted a small pine table, an apartment size ironing board, a retro coffee table from the 1950's in mint condition beside a garbage bin. I collected these finds and took them home thinking I could post them to FullCirclesSaskatoon. I debated about the retro end table.

So I looked at this odd ball collection of things and thought about the Urve, the street cat garage sale items on Kijiji and had an ah-ha moment. I could try a "virtual" garage sale for "Give a Cow" to see if it might be a "cash cow". When it takes 30 bottles for $3.00, getting $3.00 at a time seems like a whole lot of riches.

So I posted some ads, adding a line about the fact that all proceeds go the "Give a Cow". That's certainly opening the cow kimono in Kijiji community. Helping a family has really resonated with many of the purchasers. Often they come to look at one item and ask to see other stuff and some even donate a bit of change for the cow.

So this week, along with my random finds, I have posted items that neighbors have given to me (letting them know it's for the cow). It's been a week and we have $89.00 from the virtual garage sale. That's a pretty big chunk of cow!

Stay tuned for more ideas from your "mad about recycling" cow enthusiast.

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