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Friday, August 8, 2008

* Jack Doesn't Just Grow Beans

Kitty and Jack with the van full of bottles
Kitty and Jack moo'ing in front of a van full of recycling goodies.

Thanks to Lorraine's "Laughing Cow Virus", two co-workers of her co-workers at Saskatoon Public Library were happy to help to give a cow. (We already knew those folks at SPL were great folks.) One would who would prefer to remain anonymous (that's all good) and Kitti with her sidekick Jack.

Kitti and Jack contributed almost a 1/3 of a cow -- $95.75. Moo-valouos .. definitely have to do a happy cow dance with this one and have said that they will continue to collect. Even more moo-valuous.

By the way no one is safe from the Laughing Cow virus as it passes by word of mouth. As Kitty's neighbor arrived home, we told her what we were up to and a few minutes later she popped out to give us a bag of bottles too. Somehow she wasn't excited by the photo op with a van full of bottles but I did offer her chance for internet fame. :-). Thanks Kitty's neighbor.

One of the great things about this cow project is that it's a chance to meet so many wonderful people who do want to make difference in the world.

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