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Friday, August 8, 2008

* The "Laughing Cow" Virus Spreads to More Folks

Laughing Cow virus
Laughing Cow Virus in the wild

Lorraine Salt definitely gets 5 cow stars 5 for spreading the word to her co-workers at the Saskatoon Public Library and finding two more cow donors. So far, the Laughing Cow virus seems to be spreading by "word of mouth". Thanks Lorraine ... it's moo-rific when someone helps to spread the herd, oops, word.

I have heard of some other interesting effects of the Laughing Cow Virus. If you are experiencing other effects, please leave a comment.

For example, several (yes I mean several) cow supporters have reported that they notice cans and bottles out on their walks and think .. oh look there's a baby cow, or oh no, I'm having a "Darlene moment"! Some even pick these up (hurrah for the neighborhood and the cow) and cart them home. These same supporters go to great lengths to explain that they have NOT consumed these particular beverages as they hand over the assortment of alcoholic containers. Of course, I profess to believe them. I'd never drink some of that stuff either.

One of the great things about this cow project is that it's a chance to meet so many wonderful people who do want to make difference in the world.

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