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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

* Time for Some Cowbell - 25 People Voted

Thanks for the ideas, votes and feedback on the polls.

Pie chart showing results of name the cow poll

Clarabelle inched out Oreo as the popular choice for the cow #4.

Three people chose other and suggested these names:
  • Spot
  • Eshe - means "life" in Swahili (or: Adia - gift)
  • Moo

Local Cause

Pie chart showing results of Station 20 with 52% of the vote

Station 20 West garnered 52% of the vote with the other causes receiving tied for 2nd.

Opening the Cow Kimono

Pie chart showing results showing support for telling folks about the cow project

80% of you voted for "Sure, why not" so stay tuned for this to show up on Facebook, Twitter and my FriendFeed.

Stay tuned for news about a 2nd match for Station 20 West


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