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Sunday, September 7, 2008

* Kijiji Folks Help Out the Cow

Collage of stuff posted for sale on Kijiji

Some of the items posted to Kijiji this month.
Click image to zoom in and see items.

Lots of folks who have purchases stuff have wanted to talk about the cow. Some of the buyers have given a small donation in addition to what they buy -- thanks Bonnylee and Catherine. Some Kijiji folks have donated stuff that I can sell for the cow - many thanks to all of you that helped out.

The most expensive item sold so far was the garden pond, fountain and pump for $30.00.

The most unusual item sold was the dancing Barbie/Princess doll.

The item that generated the most calls was the Princess fold out sofa bed for toddlers.

So far finding stuff to sell hasn't been a problem. Earl, my unusually supportive husband, has been pointing out that it's important to balance intake and outtake.

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