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Thursday, September 4, 2008

* Please Try Out the Online Donation Option for "Give a Cow"

Please try out the new online donation service. Any amount will do - a loonie or toonie even. Oreo tells me she likes number like 5, 10, 15 and 25. Compared to collecting bottles for 10 cent each, a toonie is a windfall. :-)

If you've never shopped or donated online, Oreo will be happy to be your first go at trying it out. The donation service is managed completely by Paypal, but a Paypal is not required. You can use your credit card if you prefer. Paypal operates in 65 countries and is owned by eBay. It is probably the biggest online payment service and has earned a reputation for being secure and easy to use.

Your Feedback Wanted

What do you think of the button?

How did the check out work?

How could I improve the thank you page?

I was thinking of adding the button the side menu - where should it go?

Leave a comment or email me.

What Ever Happened to ChipIn Donation Service?

Some of you may remember when I tried the ChipIn donation service. Unfortunately while it collected donations okay, it didn't immediately update the target amount and donors found that frustrating. They wanted to see that the amount immediately taken off the total.

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