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Saturday, September 20, 2008

* Red Moon Lamp Sold for the Cow on Its Way to Saltspring Island

Judy and the Red String Retro Lamp

Photo of a Retro Red String Moon Lamp and the proud new owner's matching toes

This red string moon lamp was the first item that I found that I thought was pretty special and could maybe raise some money for the cow. I finally posted it and within a few hours, it was spoken for. Judy, who turns out lives just a couple of blocks away, called and said, "I have to have this lamp. I love it." There's something about the lamp that does grab you. After all, who could resist a lamp that matches your toes!

Judy shared a bit about the exciting adventure that she's about to embark on - selling their house here in Saskatoon and relocating to Saltspring Island to build on their ocean front property. So this lamp is going to be taking a journey and hopefully it'll be a good luck talisman for Judy.

Oh and if you're curious what this fine collectible fetched on Kijiji, it brought in 10 dollars (or the equivalent of 100 bottles for the can.)

Wish you could have purchased this special lamp? Keep your eye on the Don't Have a Cow collectibles ad on Kijiji to find the retro, unusual and fun bric-a-brac.

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