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Sunday, September 21, 2008

* Vintage Dollars Roll in for Station 20 West as Local Fundraising Starts to Wraps Up

Clever Cow - ad with cow standing on a roll fo money - Photo by pixarman

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It's been a while since I saw a one and two dollar bills but when Kate and Murray dropped off bottles from them and from Natural Sciences Library for the Station 20 West, along with their penny jar collection, they included some of the older bills. Thanks so Kate and Murray for the big boost for Station 20 West.

There's also money in the inter-office mail (hurrah) for Station 20 from Frank and Diane. Thanks! Earl and I have been gathering up whatever we can for Station 20. There's also an anonymous donation of $29.22.

A friend of Julie is also helping out and prefers to give local so there's another $50. I still have a big load of beer bottles to take back to the distiller before I do the final tabulations but right now we've raised $339.32.

So the formula was match 1, up to $300, and match 2, up to $1000 so we've raised: 339.32 + 300 + 339,32=978.64. Still a few days left to raise more dollars for Station 20 West.

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