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Thursday, October 2, 2008

* Always Wake Up in a Happy Moo-d and Ready for an Udderly Surprising Day

Theatre dress up stand
What the heck do you call this?

Everyday is an adventure filled with surprises, neat people and generosity when you're fundraising for the cow.

I continue to be grateful for everyone who is passing stuff on to me to post on Kijiji. Most of all I'm grateful to my husband who stoically seems me head off with an empty van and return with new inventory to squeeze into our stuffed garage.

There are so many people gifting things to me for the cow. I want highlight to two generous couples who helped out this week. First a special thank you to Diane and Ken who are just wonderful people. Diane and Ken who wanted to clear out their garage before the winter and I was happy to help. I had a thought provoking conversation about "giving local" with Diane. I described how the cow was more interesting to people. She wondered if it's because we don't really see the "need" in front of our eyes at home? I think part of it may be that but I also think it's the impact of giving a gift of livelihood - that you can actually do something so fundamental and major to help someone. I've just wrapped up the local campaign for Station 20 West, so I'd like to know what you think? What motivates you to give locally?

As I sort through, photograph and post things that are passed on to me, I often have to search around to find names for things and decide how to price it. What would someone call the thing with wheels that you haul your golf bag in ... carrier, nope -- a golf trolley. Who knew? Who knew there were some deluxe trolleys with remote controls and electric - I kid you not. Some of their virtual garage sale finds included a toolbox, tackle box, lawn chairs, modern looking Ikea coat rack, cross country skis and more. Diane and Ken were kind enough to ask about the cow and how it works and I of course was happy to swap some stories. Not only did they give me all these things to sell, but they also contributed a ton of bottles too. Thanks so much!

It seems I no sooner sort through a batch of things and start posting and I talk to someone else and get a new batch. Tonight it was Tara and Mike. They're about to move and have some items left from a garage sale and don't want things to end up in landfill so posted they had some stuff to pass along on Kijiji. So there I pulled up in my cow-mobile (it really should have horns) and proceeded to tell them the story of raising money for a dairy cow. They had a load of children's toys and one of the gems according to mike is a duck puppet that will sing "quack, quack" to the tune of Old MacDonald. This I have to hear. I noticed that Tara was very definite that the duck could go. :-)

Last week Maya generously gave me a number of items for the cow. She had posted on Kijiji and after I phoned and told her what I did, she said, I have even more stuff. Wow, I'd love to take it. She was in purge mode and gave me a whole bunch of wonderful things. Thanks so much. The week before that it was Christine, with her 2 cute chihuahuas and cat and a collection of "princess" related toys and clothes.

Stay tuned as I post some of the odd things I find and a few stories about where the treasures have ended up.

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