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Friday, October 31, 2008

* Changing the World and Special Welcome beSpacific Visitors to Giving-Small

Crocus - Cow #8
We did it - we have raised enough to buy Crocus cow #8!

Welcome beSpacific Readers

Thanks for dropping by and checking out the project that started in March 2008. A great way to explore is to browse by month on the side bar in reverse chronological order and skim some of the funny photos and stories. Be sure to browse April for the most amazing photograph.

It's been 7 months since I started dabbling in "giving small" and trying to make a difference somehow. I had no idea if I could raise the money even enough for one cow - $300 seemed pretty daunting. But as you can see we're just buying Crocus, cow #8.

After your browse around, tell us what you think. We'd love to know - leave a comment or email.

If you're wondering how you can help? Here's 5 ways:
  1. Please send this to at least one friend or colleague - spread the word on your blog or newsletter or however
  2. Join us - people near and far, either donate online or take bottles in and get refunds if they have a program. Or get your office/workplace to have a "cow" collection bottle box or penny jar
  3. Start your own parallel project to buy a cow, chicken or goat at work or at home and share your story
  4. If you're adventurous, sell the stuff cluttering your house on craigslist, kijiji or at garage sale and help buy a cow (contact me for tips)
  5. Leave a comment on the blog, send a email or join the mailing list to let us know you like the idea and share a story or photo. We all get wildly excited about the idea spreading to others.

Special thanks to Sabrina for posting about this on beSpacific on her blog of accurate, focused law and technology news.

Changing the World - One Cow at a Time

Together, we have profoundly changed the world for 8 families. We have helped them to help themselves to a better life. Imagine getting the gift of cow that can produce milk that can be sold and it can also have baby cows :-). It's a huge step up. For us the giving is small but for the family the impact is enormous.

It's worked better than I could have ever hoped and dreamed and so many people have been supportive -- some I think did it to encourage "me" (thank you for your friendship and support and inspiration), some really were lit on fire by the idea of being able to change the life of a family half away around the world by giving a dairy cow to a family and livelihood. I realized in this project that most folks are just plain generous and will help out and give a little if it's easy -- we're all pressed for time so easy is the key, and many were looking for ways to give more. For others it's been a wonderful way to "get rid of stuff" in a environmentally friendly way and do a social good - a twofer - two goods at once.

When you turn on the news or open the paper, the stories are usually filled with disasters and sadness and struggle. This project has helped me to see the wonderful goodness in people and generosity. So many people tell me that they bought a cow or a goat or chickens last Christmas. Or they are making blankets or volunteering or sending books to Mexico or Africa or helping locally at the Friendship Inn.

One mom just emailed me to say that her children were inspired by the cow project and collecting bottles to buy a family a beehive this Christmas. They are so excited when they spot a bottle or can and collect it. Wow!!

I'd love to hear what "giving-small" has meant to you? Some people have laughed with me and told me that it's made them look at things differently. I jokingly wrote about the "mad cow virus" and the "darlene-moment" that people described when they spot a can or bottle.

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