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Monday, October 27, 2008

* "Cow" Cat Owner Chips in for Cow for Africa

Sassy - a cow cat

Shawn and Jillian's participation in the "cow" project is dedicated to Sassy - the perfect "cow" cat. She certainly looks queenly in this picture on her special cushion.

Jillian also used the online donation form (hurrah, 2nd online donor) (after I added it to the side menu) so it's now available to everyone at anytime - it's always easy to donate - just one click. Jillian said that she's working on pledge/tracker widget that would work with Paypal so we may get something wonderful one of these days to show our "real time" progress towards cow #8 - Crocus.

Speaking of Crocus, we're more than 2/3 of the way to cow #8. Moo hoo! These cows are really starting to come home.

Anyone have a "cow" cat or dog or chicken or other pet - send me the photo or add a comment with a link. We could start a "cow" pet gallery. With Halloween around the corner - think of the possibilities. Speaking of Halloween, my daughter pointed out the adult sized cow costume complete with udder, which looks udderly ridiculous, and suggested I go door to door for the cow. Well I might be willing to do that if there was a herd of us?

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