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Thursday, October 2, 2008

* Don't Forget to Cow-nt Your Blessing Everyday

Judy with truck load of cow collectibles

Photo of a Judy and Evan with truck load of cow collectibles

I feel blessed, bemused and thankful. Faithful readers of this blog will recall the story about Judy who purchased the moon lamp and found about the cow fundraising idea via Kijiji and loved it.

Out of the blue, Judy phoned me and said she was wondering if I might like to have her collection of "cow" things to sell for a dairy cow. She said that she used to deliver milk and as a result over the years was given many cow things -- about 12 boxes full to be precise.

I was thrilled, bemused and delighted but I never imagined that Judy and her partner would pull up with a truckload of cow stuff including a wonderful cow shaped mailbox and a great poster that was entitled "All I need to know about life I learned from a cow". The headline for this blog entry is one of the pearls of wisdom on the poster.

Thank you Judy and Evan!!!! You are so moo-valous and I'm sure that this collection will help fund a cow and a calf or two.

If you have advice on how to sell a "whole collection" of wonderful cow treasures please share what you know.

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