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Friday, October 3, 2008

* Moo-chas Gracias Everyone

Singing Cows - Photo by pinelife

So many people have been helping out with the cow and Station 20 West - wow together doing small things we can do some pretty amazing things. Who would have thought 6 cows in 6 months? Sounds like a pipe dream -- only by having many helping hands could this work. So MOOO-CHAs GRACIAS everyone who has helped. Six families in Africa have a livelihood!

Workplace Teams Help Out Again and Again
Wow the bin for cans was overflowing and then some in the Dean's Office and the Archives had another big bagful. Hurrah! Kate was wonderful and helped me out by delivering the Natural Sciences collection. Now that fall has rolled around, there are more bottles and cans. Thanks everyone for helping out!!!

PayPal Payment Method Works
Gwen Thomson passed on the $$ from her last SARCAN trip by donating on the blog using the Paypal donation link that I set up. You don't need a Paypal account to use it - you can just use your credit card. Thanks for helping Station 20 West and for trying out the new online donation method -- worked just fine.

Amy and Ashley - Two U of S Students Help Out the Cow
Future lawyer and teacher contributed some items for the virtual garage sale and lots of bottles to the cow. Thanks!

Donna in Sutherland
Donna saw my post on Kijiji about a free sale (a garage sale where all items are free). All my kijiji posts contain a note about the cow. Donna is super organized - she had processed, crushed and bagged her recycling and I swung by to pick it up. Thanks so much Donna. Great to have your interest and support.

Flying Cow Lands on Fridge
At a board meeting this week, Beth Matheson popped a small cow that clings to your fridge with magnets in its feet. It now has a place of honor on the our fridge. Beth, who always says she doesn't drink things out of recyclable bottles, also made a Station 20 donation. Thanks Beth!! Stay tuned for a bit more about Beth as an illustrator and publisher. We're going to try to build a web site this week end about the book she has just published.

Money in the Mail - Hurrah!
Thanks Frank and Diane for contributing your recyclable refunds to Station 20 West.

Mel from Martinsville Needs a Garden Shed
Mel, a Kijiji garage sale purchaser, also passed on some items to me to post. Thanks Mel. By the way, if anyone has a metal garden shed they would like to give away Mel could really use one.

Generous Kijiji Shoppers
Many of the Kijiji shoppers pay it forward by giving a small donation or by offering to give some things to sell. Thanks to Patti, BonnyLee, Brandon and more.

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