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Thursday, October 2, 2008

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My doorstep last weekend


I often wonder what the neighbors think is going on at our house.

My doorstep is often filled with boxes of beer bottles and black, blue and white bags of recyclables. Most of my neighbors are aware the "Don't have a cow, give a cow instead".

As an avid FullCirclesSaskatoon recycler and now a virtual garage sale fundraiser for the cow, there is also a steady stream of bags and boxes on my step for people to pick up.

On this particular day there were a couple of bags of books for Sarah, a fullcircler, who has helped by dropping off some bottles for the cow. Thanks Sarah ... you're moo-valous to help out.

This weekend was a major milestone. I had 4 folks drop off recycling: Sarah, Jill from work, Lyle and Cathy (best guess based on the brand of beer), and Gord and Lorraine.

Bottles from last weekend

Bags of bottles and cans dropped off this weekend.

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