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Monday, October 13, 2008

* Thankful for Cows

Adia, Oreo and Buttercup Cows

There's so many reasons to be thankful for cows -- ice cream is just one of them. And you have to love good news that comes in threes (more on that in a bit)

But in my particular case, I am so thankful for everyone who has helped families in Africa have a livelihood. It's amazing at what we can do by giving small but working together. Just imagine how "our small" feels to the family that receives a cow.

Good Things Come in Threes

To celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided to catch up on the donating the cows. I held off on the cow that we raised the money for over the summer, hoping that Plan Canada might send me some extra info so I could post both at once. No such luck. When I went to look at my tallies on Thanksgiving, I was blown away. I didn't just have buy 2 cows but 3. So we bought Oreo, Adia (The Gift) and Buttercup. See the email receipts below. Click on smaller images to see the larger and note the timestamps -- it's a form thank you email so that's the critical difference.

My new fundraising venture with Kijiji is really complimenting the recyclables. It's about 50 - 50 in terms of dollars raised for September and October.

Some of the kijiji folks have joined the bottle brigade for the cow (always good to have more - getting 3,000 takes a wee bit of cow-operation). But often buyers of stuff on Kijiji donate a bit of money or donate stuff to sell for the cow.

Oreo receiptAdia receiptButtercup receipt


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