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Sunday, November 30, 2008

* The Cow Verdict: Try for All the Livelihood Gifts

Cow Family- Photo by Drumaboy

I received lots of emails and comments about what to do in December for the holiday season. Right now, only few people wanted to do something local so was thinking we could maybe help out on the FullCirclesSaskatoon Christmas secret Santa project there. Let me know if you want your bottles directed to the local project when you drop off.

Most people wanted to work our way down the livelihood list - chickens, goats, pigs, cows. All of the livelihood gifts cost $1650. It would truly be a miracle if we did them all but even doing some of them could create small miracles for the recipients.

So how low can we go? It's up to all of us how far we want to go.

Here's a few ways to raise a bit more money in December:

  1. Add this to your Christmas wishlist and ask someone to buy one of these items as a gift for you or contribute towards one of the bigger ones. Let me know and I'll cross it off our list as "Done". You will also receive a special cow gift.

  2. Or consider buying one of these items as Christmas gift for someone (and to support the cow project). Again, let me know and we can cross it off the list.

  3. Be a secret Santa for someone around the world or give your Hannakuh gelt to the cow project.

  4. Is the item you'd like to gift too big to handle by yourself - no worries, you can pledge to donate just $10 or $20 towards one of the items below along with others

  5. Just for December, save all your extra change in one of those bottles and donate your penny jar. It adds up quickly if you put a few silver and gold coins in there. Think of it as recycling money.

  6. Best of all tell two friends and see if they'll save bottles and cans for the cow - even just for this month. A little bit can do a lot and if we had double the folks saving bottles for a month it could go a long way.

  7. Keeping collecting the bottles and cans and gifting things that can be sold on Kijiji.

  8. YOUR IDEAS HERE ??? - what are your suggestions or ideas? Please email me or leave a comment or speak to me.

Working together, we can find a way to fund these livelihood gifts:
  • Beekeeping in Egypt = A stable source of income and a new skill to share
  • Pigs in Mozambique = An excellent source of fertilizer and protein
  • Farming Tools and Seeds in Sudan = A way to make a living off the land
  • Goats in Bangladesh = A stable supply of nourishment and income
  • Weaving in Peru = Economic independence and a revitalized tradition
  • Three Hens and a Rooster in Mozambique = A source of independence and nourishment
  • Small Business Support in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Honduras and Pakistan
  • Skills Training for Youth in Haiti = Improved opportunity and a chance to contribute
  • Cows in Bangladesh = A lasting supply of milk to drink and sell
  • Dairy Co-operative in Bangladesh = A fair wage and the tools to become self-sufficient

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At December 1, 2008 7:48 PM , Blogger Fichter said...

Wow - it's just been one day and two pledges are in already:

1. Beehive in Egypt

2. Weaving in Peru

I'll be writing up blog posts when I have a minute and posting pictures.


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