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Sunday, November 9, 2008

* The Daily Moo - Illustrator & Publisher Helps Out Cow Project

Flying Cow Fridge Magnet

Flying Cow Fridge Magnet from Beth Matheson via Flickr

Beth Matheson, proprietor of aemWORKS publishing is the illustrator of the recently reprinted popular children's book, Germy Johnson's Secret Plan by Alison Lohan, has been super at helping out the cow project. (Full disclosure - I volunteered to help Beth create a book website, so I am a fan of the book.)

Beth, who also works at the Natural Sciences Library, bumped into me one day and handed me some money for the cow explaining she didn't drink anything out of refundable bottles so couldn't contribute to the collection in the library. I was bemused, touched, and grateful and pointed out there was no need to do anything.

This fall I showed up a meeting and Beth presented me with a very cute flying cow (see photo above) and a $20 for Station 20 West. Thanks Beth for being so generous and an "repeat" cow offender, ummm, donor. :-) You're definitely a big mooo!

Germy Johnson's Secret Plan Book Website

J.J's (Jeremy Johnson's) Aunt Pru Moves into his Bedroom ... and how will he get her to leave? This great book would make a wonderful Christmas gift for old fans and new readers. You can read the first chapter, find out where to buy the book, book a reading or sign up to be notified when the J.J.'s new adventures against his next foe - The Piano is published.

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