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Sunday, November 23, 2008

* Foosball Tables, Drawers and Skate Board Ramps Help out the Cow

Soccer Cow - Photo by Shedboy

Wow - the stuff is starting to trickle in for the cow and it's often big stuff. I like little things too. We're at the time of the year when people want to empty their garages and help someone out so I'm really grateful for items big and small. Earl, my usually supportive husband, really likes little things (LOL).

A few weeks ago, I swung by Norma's to pick up a whole bunch of goodies - drawers that fit under the bed, VCRs, DVD players, a skateboard ramp and more. Plus wine bottles. Yes!!! The drawers that go under the bed were snapped up within minutes of posting. Thanks Norma for helping the cow ... so moooch is possible when friends lend a hand.

Mary, a friend and colleague, asked is I wanted a fooz ball table. Yes I said and her husband and son dropped off this wonder f00z ball, solid and heavy (of course). Thanks Mary, you're moo-valous and those fooz balls remind me of cows!

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