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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

* From Scarcity to Plenty as Cow Names Pour In

Emma the Prize Winning Cow
Captions added by Beth. Click photo to view larger version.

I received two wonderful photographs from Beth and some names for cows. The photos are from her family photo album. Beth found a the photo of Emma, a prize winning cow named Emma owned by her great, great grandfather, Hugh, who named his cows after his daughters. The photo above has words added by Beth.

Lucretia MacIvain, daughter of Hugh, is Beth's great grandmother (well was). Below is a picture of three of the sisters taken at the same time as Emma the winning cow.
The Centennial Sisters
The namesakes of three of the cows. Captions added by Beth.

Thank you all for the suggestions of cow names. Please keep them rolling in. In no particular order here are the names so far:

Beth from Saskatoon
Sally, Hannah, Mazie, Anna Mary, Pattie, Emma, Nellie Lullie, Mattie, Elsie

From the Dysarts in Toronto
Shirley, Molly, Becky, Birdie, Coco, Sam/Samantha, Maggie, Hailey, Lily, Flicka, Babe
The Dysarts briefly held the record for suggesting the MOST names). Given that Jane lassoed her husband and put him to work, I expected to see a few sports related names ;-)

From Sabrina in Washington, DC
chocolatemilk, cowcow (my friend the dairy farmer uses this one all purpose name), coco or koko

Marilyn from Regina, SK
How about Galileo? 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy," marks
the 400th anniversary of the telescope, an instrument that
revolutionized -- and continues to revolutionize -- our view of the
world and the universe. Or Barak. Marie as in Marie Antoinette with Let them eat cake with cream on it.

Celeste from Saskatoon, SK
Coco (as in Coco Chanel!) Or in honour of Christmas, J.C

Mona, Old Style Leather Stitcher, Saskatoon, SK
Elsie comes to mind....That's my daughters name.

Marilyn from Regina, SK (again)
How about Heidi or Frieda or Geraldine. Geraldine was the name of the
cow in the story book we had in grade 2 and I've harboured fond memories
of her. Of course, Gerry in our class didn't like it.
LOL Marilyn .. I bet Gerry didn't appreciate it. The things we remember from when we were kids.

Paul from Saskatoon SK via Australia
Our cows were named Daisy & Penny. You should call the cow Penny as you're getting these cows pennies at time.
Great idea Paul. I had a horse named Penny. She was very speedy and we won a lot of ribbons at gymkhana.

Jeanette from Victoria, BC
Minnie, moxie, Maggie, Annabelle, Belle, Jersey, Jessie

Laurel from Vancouver, BC
"Bubbles" as in her spots, and at the top of poured milk, or whipped cream, or in a milk chocolate Aero? bar. I believe "Nellie" is another traditional cow name.
Hmmm Bubbles - good one.

Gord from Saskatoon, SK
Amity, Quaff, Amistad, Dagmar, Sidse, Inger, Juness, Gabrielle, Cadence, Calliope, Argos, Belaphron, Sigil, Isadore, Lucille, Ruby, Isabelle, Shobi, Dobias, Rosalie
He definitely wins the "most" names and I'm getting the scoop on where these come from. I'm afeard they are from the Holtslander family tree.

Gwen and Peter left this comment
I think that our next cow should be named Darlene. ... and . For other names, I suggest consulting a wonderful little essay I discovered on the Internet this morning
LOL - Super research skills pay off Gwen - good one!

Earl from the Fichter Fogel Homestead
cowabunga, cowlick, mos-cow (Moscow), wil-cow (wilco), triple sal cow (salchow)

Suzanne from Rochester, NY
I'm wondering about things that sound like Latin for "milk" - e.g., "Lactacia" or "Lacta"... or what are the words for "cow" in other languages? Vacta? that's not right - Vacha? (no, my French is long gone, obviously!)
Very close - vache is cow in French

Frank from Chicago
How about "Elsie"? She was very famous here in the '60's as the cow with the best milk. I forget the dairy but that name, at least to me, is synonymous with cow.

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