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Saturday, November 22, 2008

* Mooo-re Unexpected Online Donations Help Push Elsie Over the Edge

Photo of Toy Cow wearing Hat and All Glammed Up called Old MacDonald Had a Farm- Photo by andrewodom

Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Elise the cow - in a class of her own. She wears a hat and is all glammed up and ready to go to the races.

This week I was surprised, delighted and overwhelmed by the kindness of others. Jeanette, my aunt from Victoria BC, gave $100 out of the blue using the online donation form. Jeanette -- you're so moo-valous - I know that you support many charities already but it's a huge boost when someone that is a friend and a relative helps out.

Then I had another online donation from Alison Lohans, who I think is from Regina.

I "knew" the name instantly but from where? I have never met Alison face to face so how did I know her. LOL - took me a minute to recall she's the author of Germy Johnson's Secret Plan and I had helped Beth Matheson, the illusrator and publisher of the second printing create the web site. Thanks Alison for helping out with the cow - you're moo-rific.

I'm also doing a "happy dance" because I encouraged Beth to create this site and a domain that matches the book title and they now rank #1 in Google for "Germy Johnson" and given that it just went live, that's great news.

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