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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

* Script Writer Wannabe and Her Crew Help Out the Cow

Beyaz as a puppy
Beyaz (means white in Turkish) and his owners donate their bottles for the cow.

On the bottle collecting front, we have new contributors. Erica and Recep and Beyaz are new bottle contributors. I met Erica and Rejcep and Beyaz at the park. Beyaz, (see photo above) a Turkish herding dog instantly hit it off with Maggie, my border collie/blue heeler. They love to chase each other.

Maggie, ready to play
Maggie, ready to play.

Erica is an aspiring screenwriter and recently went to a pitchfest in Los Angeles and found a producer. Moo hoo! Talk about spunk and hard work - trying to pitch your first script. Read about Erica's adventures on her blog, acriptwriterwannabe.

Also three big moos for Erica who also checked out whether her workplace might contribute bottles. Turns out they already donate them a good cause -Saskatoon Food Bank. Moo-valous.

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